My favorite iPhone apps

Have had several people ask me about my favorite apps for the iPhone.  Here are a few of my favorite apps that I can’t do without.

Things is perfect for the GTD minded person.  Things allows you to create tasks and projects, categorize them, and schedule them for completion.  It also syncs with the Things desktop client (to be released at MacWorld 09) allowing you to add/remove tasks from either environment and keep them up to date.  Sorry guys, Things is an OS X only app.

Evernote is a digital repository for all of your stuff.  It allows you to keep notes, make clippings from websites, and store images/video using their online systems.  Evernote for iPhone allows you to access all of your stuff as well as create new notes/clippings.  

For Facebook fans, the Facebook app for iPhone is pretty good.  You can manage your profile, see your wall, and view all of your notifications.  Also, in regards to social networking, I have found Twitterific to be the best Twitter client for iPhone.

Finally Trailguru ties into the Maps feature of the iPhone to track how far you have walked/run when exercising.  It’s pretty accurate, I have found that it will track you about every 10′ you walk.   It calculates distance to time and tells you how much ground you covered, how fast, and step count.   Now, if it only motivated me more to get out.

I hope to review iPhone apps on a regular basis.


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