Seven Principles to Master in Order to Lead Down

This is the final segment of the 3 part series of leadership principles taken from the 360 Leader.  This section of the 360 Leader is probably the most important facet of leading, leading down.  Leading down helps people discover and reach their potential which is a rich and rewarding experience for the leader. Leaders should endeavor to add value to their followers in any they can using the principles outlined below.

Seven Principles to Master in Order to Lead Down


  1. Walk slowly through the halls.  Take the time to walk slowly through the hallways and interacting with people.  Take the time to be known as the leader who is always interested in what others are doing.  This is a foundation for building solid relationships with people.
  2. See everyone as a “10.”  Would you work for someone who says “you know what, your work is a solid 3 out of 10.”  Of course not!  So make the effort to view and treat your people as a 10.
  3. Develop each team member as a person.  Maxwell states when working with people there are 2 concepts to remember: equipping and developing people.  Equipping is showing people how to do their job.  Developing people is helping them improve in all facets of their life, not just work.  Equipping is easy and goes without saying, developing is the true path to bringing out the best in people.
  4. Place people in their strength zones.  Our society has always placed emphasis on improving a person’s weaknesses.  For example, if you had poor handwriting in school what were you told to do? Practice more!!!  Well, some people (such as myself) are just bad writers.  Be sure you understand your team’s strengths and try to place people in positions where they can be successful by letting them do what they are best at.  They will be better for it and deliver for you on a more consistent basis.
  5. Model the behavior you desire.  If there is a behavior you desire from your team, be sure you model it.  If your team doesn’t see you practice the what you are preaching, they are likely not to change. Your character, attitude, and principles will determine the culture of your team.
  6. Transfer the vision.  There are many times when leaders in the middle will create a vision for their team.  The greater challenge is communicating the vision from the top.  The leader in the middle has to be the interpreter for their team when it comes to vision. Help you team to understand and move towards the vision you and upper management are moving towards.
  7. Reward for results.  When your team has a success, be sure you reward the fruits of their labor.  This include public and private acknowledgement, monetary rewards (through your organization’s review process,) and when possible through promotion to a new position. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for.  


I by no means claim to be an expert in any of these areas. It was my intent to provide some guidelines and to share some of the areas of development I am personally working on.  I hope you have found these postings engaging and stirred an interest in you to develope leadership skills. 

Please let me know you comments and if you would like to see more postings on this subject in the future.


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