What I Hope to Gain Using Twitter

Twitter LogoI started using Twitter about 6 months ago (you can follow me here.)  In fact, I was using Twitter well ahead of signing up for Facebook.  Twitter, for those of you who who have never used it, is a micro-blogging tool which people follow.  In less then 140 characters, you can provide a quick update on what you are doing, send links, and even post pictures.  Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking services on the internet, although some question it’s long term sustainibility

Like many people, at first I just didn’t “get it.”  Why would I use this tool if I had email and instant messaging?  Is this tool any good if I only have a few followers? Finally, wouldn’t it be cool if I had 15,000 followers!

So I continued to plod along, posting what I am doing and passing on an occasional link here and there.  I finally “got it” and began to use it as a tool to connect to others, mostly at work.  However, recently I began to once again question it’s purpose and value. 

I decided to do some research on the subject of What is the purpose of Twitter? I was hoping to find some inspiration to use Twitter as a more effective tool.  Not surprisingly, there is a ton of information and tools out there on using Twitter, but one posting in particular on my new favorite Twitter Blog, TwiTip, caught my eye.  It’s titled Defining Twitter Goals: A Tip For Successful Use of Twitter.

Similar to the first time I finally “got” Twitter, after reading this article I had another “A-ha!” moment.  I realized I didn’t have a plan on how I wanted to use Twitter.  I was posting random things, had no idea if people were interested in what I was saying, and hadn’t branched out to meet new people.

With this in mind, I set out to make my list of what I am hoping to gain from Twitter:

  • I want to build connections with my family and friends.
  • I want to build new connections with people who I share similar interests with.
  • I want to connect with my customers/peers/team at work to keep them better informed of what I am working on.
  • I want to establish a presence in my field of expertise.

Tell  me what you think and share why you are using Twitter.


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