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Seven Principles to Master in Order to Lead Down

This is the final segment of the 3 part series of leadership principles taken from the 360 Leader.  This section of the 360 Leader is probably the most important facet of leading, leading down.  Leading down helps people discover and reach their potential which is a rich and rewarding experience for the leader. Leaders should endeavor to add value to their followers in any they can using the principles outlined below.

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Six Simple Ways to Help Your Leader

Hands down, my favorite book on leadership is The 360 Leader, by John Maxwell. In his book, Maxwell believes that 99% leadership comes from the middle of an organization, not from the top. The fundamental concept that Maxwell presents is that a leader must lead down, across, and up relative to their position in the organization. This enables a leader to fully understand the needs of the knowledge workers, work closely with their, and to execute the strategies that upper management establishes.

In this 3 part series, I’ll cover some basic concepts that I believe help leaders at all levels.

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