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Adam Savage and the Art of Obsession

I am a big fan of Mythbusters.  So when a buddy of mine forwarded a video from a speaking engagement by Adam Savage, I was eager to watch.  It wasn’t quite what I expected though.  In it, Adam discusses his “art of obsession” on a wide range of topics ranging from making his own Dodo skeleton (yes, the extinct bird,) to a replica of the Maltese Falcon.

Check it out:

What really struck me about this was Adam’s perseverance.  He has amassed 20gb of data on his obsessions that he keeps in a folder called “creative projects” (I keep a folder called @New Ideas which I drop my crazy ideas into.) Although his obsession with the Dodo could be considered “weird,” his end result is hard to argue with.  Goes to show: you put your mind to it and you can accomplish about anything.



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