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Five Simple Ways to Lead Your Peers

In part I of this three part series overview of The 360 Leader by John Maxwell, I provided 6 high level tips for leading up.  This installment will cover 5 tips for leading across, to your peers in the organization.

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Six Simple Ways to Help Your Leader

Hands down, my favorite book on leadership is The 360 Leader, by John Maxwell. In his book, Maxwell believes that 99% leadership comes from the middle of an organization, not from the top. The fundamental concept that Maxwell presents is that a leader must lead down, across, and up relative to their position in the organization. This enables a leader to fully understand the needs of the knowledge workers, work closely with their, and to execute the strategies that upper management establishes.

In this 3 part series, I’ll cover some basic concepts that I believe help leaders at all levels.

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New Google voice search for iPhone

So if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new voice search feature in the Google app for iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Twitter a threat to national security???

Stumbled across this article detailing the potential threat Twitter poses to national security.  


Some words of wisdom…

Nice little mantra I heard the other day…

It’s your right to complain…it’s your responsibility to do something about it.

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My email system

Several people, over time, have asked about my email system so I thought I’d share it.  Following the principles of GTD I process my email as quickly as possible and either act on it, delete it, or defer it for a later time (making sure the next action gets on my task list.) I believe the key is to pre-allocate time to check email, and stick to only processing the email and knocking out the quick responses…don’t spend time trying to get everything done at once as it will only slow you down.

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Nielson report on social networking sites

Found this Nielson report on the fastest growing social networking sites as well as the top social networking sites.

Also interesting to note in this report the demographics of the top sites.


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